The Caribbean is composed of over 7,000 beautiful islands. Going to the region without setting foot on any of these islands is a big letdown. Thus, when planning your trip, you need to be sure you write down at least two or three destinations within The Caribbean. Going from one place to another can be taxing, though; so it’s a good thing that there are affordable flights travelers can choose from.

United Airlines

United Airlines flies nonstop to The Caribbean.

  • Saturdays: Chicago to Grand Cayman, St. Lucia, Turks and Caicos, and Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo
  • Houston, Texas to Grand Cayman
  • Los Angeles to Grand Cayman
  • New York/Newark, New Jersey to Grand Cayman
  • Washington, DC to Grand Cayman
  • Washington, DC to Bermuda
  • Houston, Texas to Bermuda
  • Chicago, Illinois to Bermuda

Rates are affordable, starting from a little over $200 roundtrip.

American Airlines

American Airlines also flies to The Caribbean regularly. In fact, it brings passengers from the United States to more or less 30 cities in the region. That totals to over 500 flights weekly. Here are some of the flights:

  • Texas to Grand Cayman
  • Chicago (O’Hare) to Grand Cayman
  • New York to Grand Cayman
  • New York to Bermuda
  • Washington, DC to Bermuda
  • Washington, DC to Grand Cayman

The rates are affordable and vary according to the route. Some airlines fly nonstop, while some have stopovers.


JetBlue flies to the Caribbean several times a week, although not on a daily basis. Here are some of their USA-Caribbean flights:

  • New York to Grand Cayman
  • New York to Bermuda
  • New York to St. Lucia
  • Los Angeles to Aruba
  • Los Angeles to Bermuda
  • Washington, DC to St. Lucia
  • Washington, DC to Antigua, Antigua, and Barbuda
  • Washington, DC to Aruba
  • San Francisco to Curacao
  • San Francisco to Nassau, Bahamas
  • San Francisco to St. Lucia

What makes JetBlue flights stand out is its affordable rates. Passengers can choose from three fare options: Blue, Blue Plus, and Blue Flex.