6 Reasons Why You Should Skydive in the Bahamas

With fantastic beaches, great fishing spots, scuba diving, and snorkeling, and more – it’s no wonder why the Bahamas has been such a favorite hot spot amongst tourists all over the world. Aside from the historical landmarks and white sand, you can also skydive too!

Here are 6 Reasons Why You Should Skydive in the Bahamas.

Catch Incredible Views


With the Bahamas consisting of 9 islands, located in the Atlantic Ocean north of Cuba, you will have a great view everywhere you look from the air. People from all over the world sail their way to the Bahamas to enjoy the precious island life that’s mostly unspoiled. The view from above is quite breathtaking, and only a few grab the chance to explore the true paradise of the Bahamas.

Conquer your fears


Nothing says adventure than exploring new opportunities. If you’re afraid of heights or simply looking to try something new, Skydiving is one of those opportunities that people will talk about for the rest of their lives. While jumping out of an airplane nearly a mile above Earth seems unnatural, overcoming this obstacle will help you conquer your fears and leave you feeling empowered afterward.

Psychologists even agree that the adrenaline rush you get from skydiving is believed to have cathartic effects in motivating and preparing the mental faculty to explore and face new challenges.

It’s safer than you think


If you’re also an experienced skydiver, you won’t need a tandem master. But if you’re looking to try your first jump, a tandem master is a must-have. Keep in mind that the more jumpers there are, the cheaper it will be to hire a tandem master. In fact, most skydiving groups must be at least four passengers or more.

Your first skydive will be a tandem jump. This means you are going to be strapped to a diving instructor and dive together. This is ideal for first-timers as you won’t have to fear about making any mistakes and let them do all the hard work while you enjoy the ride. A 7,000 ft. Tandem skydive will give you 10 seconds of free fall before the parachute opens.

Believe it or not, skydiving isn’t as dangerous as you may think. In fact, every part of your equipment is constantly checked before boarding the plane. There is also a backup parachute just in case of emergency. Most skydivers even claim to stay that the plane ride is the most sensitive part of the trip.

Great spots to choose from


Rum Cay Island is located 200 miles southeast of Nassau. There you can enjoy the exclusive and unspoiled beauty of Bahamas’ island. The island itself only has 60 residents with little to no commercialized businesses. You can head out for a new activity like exploring scuba diving or underwater fishing if you’re still up for an adventure.

You can find Skydiving schools in Nassau, Freeport, West End, Cooper Town, and Marsh Harbor. The Atlantis Resort also offers skydive services for guests. The best thing to do is organize a group of at least four people for a night or two.

Boost Adrenaline


Skydiving provides a unique combination of an adrenalin booster while experiencing a sense of calm tranquility. This means that during your free fall, you will feel a rush of exhilaration but once the chute opens, your heart will begin to steady as you take in the gorgeous view. Allow yourself to soak in the moment and see everything around you and the world in an entirely new light. The experience is just as close to flying can you will ever get.

What’s more is that skydiving is known to help relieve stress and even fight depression. Why? The boost in adrenaline is equivalent to having tetrahydrocannabinol – except cheaper and healthier.

Make trip a memorable one


Be one of the early few to experience the islands and ocean in their whole natural state. Here you can get lost, have fun, enjoy the sun and skydive with your family and closest friends. You may even be most likely to take a few selfies in the air.

With reasons like these, who wouldn’t want to skydive in the Bahamas? Comment below and let us know what you think.